Hi! I'm Kris Kay

I am a UX/UI designer & front-end developer based out of Toronto.

My mightiest magic powers lie in conceptualizing and building user interfaces that elegantly convey complex information in a way that is empirically accurate, aesthetically impactful and understood at a glance by its target audience.

Take a look below if you would like to see some of my past work.


Illustration strengths

Some serious attention to detail 

Mastery of subtle gradient meshes 

Imaginative iconography and colour combinations 

This is an illustration I created for the Institute without Boundaries Smart Cities Charrette. It is a cross section of a future city that visualizes an infrastructure where the entire technological ecosystem functions and flourishes as one interconnected and self sustaining whole.

Branding & Logos


Beautiful interactive prototypes 

Wireframes and iterative design 

User flow roadmapping and testing



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👋Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Here is a bit more about me.

I'm a designer that genuinely enjoys the challenge of conceptualizing and creating artifacts that draw attention to a brand and help it achieve its unique goals. I do this by rooting my work in the psychology of how people process information, how they are affected by design decisions, and the type of value they are willing to trade for their attention. Additionally,I have an all-seeing eye for vivacious colour combinations and thoughtful details that delight those who notice them.

In terms of experience, I’ve been drawing for about as long as I could hold a pencil and taught myself Photoshop and Illustrator back in grade school. Almost everywhere that I’ve ever worked, I’ve gone beyond my job description by applying my graphic design skills to the business’ needs. This rewarded me with a wealth of experience in figuring out new tools on the fly and diving headfirst into unexplored territory. Most recently I have been doing freelance UX/UI work for various tech companies. Mainly delivering user experience and accessibility reports, creating iconography and designing user interfaces.

Distilling communication magic out of data is what I do. So if you're in need of some visual alchemy, get in touch at: